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Feel free to look around and enjoy the works of art from Nick La Rosa - you will find a selected blend of his early up to his late works in various disciplines of art. Please take into consideration that many of the digital pictures you may enjoy here cannot and will not mediate the same rich experience as the original works do. This is mostly due to technical limitations within the hardware used to digitize many of the pictures, the physical state of the printed media, as well as due to the nature of two dimensional imagery in general. We hope to be able to present to you a worthwhile journey through the world of artist Nick La Rosa.

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Please note that all contents are published under copyright of Nick La Rosa, and thusly may not be republished without explicit written permission of Nick La Rosa. The pictures on this page have a reduced resolution, and can be identified by us. . Not all of the works displayed here are not available for purchase or republishing.

Nick La Rosa
Weberstrasse 5
42899 Remscheid, Germany

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